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Tituba of the Salem Witch Trials

Known only as Tituba, she was among the first of many women to be accused of witchcraft during the Salem witch craze that left a shameful mark on colonial New England history. She was accused of bringing her magic from Barbados -- where she was purchased as a slave by the Reverend Samuel Parris -- and teaching it to the girls of Salem. According to the story that's been told and retold for hundreds of years, Tituba confessed to witchcraft under interrogation. Unlike many of those who were accused during this time, Tituba wasn't executed --and it's believed that she actually survived her time in jail until the very end of the Salem Witch Trials. While this much may be known of Tituba, far more remains unknown. She seemingly disappeared from history upon leaving her mark and becoming a notorious name in the history of witchcraft. However, she did leave behind descendants, and that makes it entirely possible (theoretically) to be related to or descended from this mysterious v